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Harry Stevenson

"File service is spot on, very honest guy allows yo..."

File service is spot on, very honest guy allows you to trust all of his work.

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Mahmoud Mousa

"5 stars and if could give 10 i would"

5 stars and if could give 10 i would highly recommend done 3 cars with david and no problem at all first was vectra 1.9 drove 90 miles to Birmingham his old unit to get it done then Bmw 520d drove 90 miles each way to the old unit as never had any issues with vectra in 2018 so decided to do the Mrs bemer in 2019 then now 2021 done The merc c220cdi with him in the NEW unit in Callington booked holiday in Newquay 6 hours away and saw it perfect chance to drive an hour to get it done with david as im not bothered about the hoilday as much the car remap with the master of tuning 3 cars and never had any issues, pulls like a rocket, friendly, great prices and Great work for all three cars. Thanks david for the great work mate plus badge and stickers. Highly recommended KD Custom Tuned.

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Alan Forster

"A great service by an expert"

I had my L200 mapped by KD Custom Tuned, discussed what I needed and it was provided without issues. A great service by an expert, highly recommend this company, no hyped claims, they simply provide exactly what they say they will.

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Aaron Lane

"This guy knows his stuff."

Had my Citroen C4 Map adjusted. This guy knows his stuff. Would 100% recommend.

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Mark fell

"Fiesta stage 1"

Spot on 👍👍👍

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Lynda Dawe


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Keenan Kiewiet

"A pleasure to work with"

Great work ethic has all been a pleasure to work with over the past few years now and always willing to help. Most of all the top quality skills to create great remapping files

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Brian Hosking

"Well worth the money"

Had a custom stage 1 map with proof done on my Ford mondeo, it was well worth the money and what a difference it made. Also within all the car’s safety limits. Would highly recommend to anyone, a quality service and a genuine nice guy. Great job

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Adam Horrocks

"Went above and beyond to make sure I was happy"

I got in touch with this company looking for a custom map file.. I was very specific about what I wanted, pops, bangs, launch control ect.. Over the course of 2 days, they created a few files for me to try, and adjusted and tweaked them as I requested, they went above and beyond to make sure I was happy, and the support and communication was excellent.. My vehicle already had a remap which cost an extortionate amount of money from another tuning company... And I have to say the map that KD Custom Tuning provided me, made the other company’s efforts look poor! The noticeable difference is unreal.. I highly recommend this company and I will certainly be using them for all my remapping needs in future

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Jamiej Jones

"Can't wait to get our other vehicles done"

David is a really talented guy when it comes to this remapping also more besides. Fitted me in around my work even on a sunday. My work van is so much better since having the work carried out by David from KD CUSTOM TUNED. Cant wait to get our other vehicles done. Cheers mate

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Sarah Louisa Berry

"I was very impressed"

Had my Vectra Z20NET mapped by KD with pop and bang, made a massive difference and i was very impressed.

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Anthony Dawson

"If you want excellent service, this is the place to go!"

Had a custom map designed to suit my Astra G 1.7dti 16v eco4 fitted with uprated intercooler and hybrid turbo. Amazing up lift of power from 75bhp to 136bhp. Still runs strong with very little smoke. If you want excellent service, this is the place to go!

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Dan Rayment

"Both cars have been fantastic since Dave mapped them"

Been running kd maps on both my cars for years and never had an issue. I own a 334bhp vectra vxr and a 200bhp astra Sri and both cars have been fantastic since Dave mapped them!

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"What a drive back!"

Top bloke, long drive from Yorkshire to Birmingham and what a drive back. Definitely knows his stuff, will be coming back.

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"Will definitely be back"

Could not be happier with the results from only minor modifications. More to come, will definitely be back soon.

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"serious skill-set in mapping"

A great bloke with a serious skill-set in mapping! Managed to get a 43bhp increase and an extra 10 Lb Ft of torque! Can't recommend enough!

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